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Your Paradise Awaits...


They say that paradise is a state of mind. When all of the ingredients are of the highest quality, it can also be a place...Puerto Vallarta qualifies for this high distinction. Puerto Vallarta has everything! Located in the center of the Banderas Bay it is embraced by exuberant vegetation, bathed by the Pacific Ocean, heated by a vibrant sun, refreshed by the summer rain, constantly caressed by the ocean breeze, nourished by the river waters, decorated by palm trees and millions of flowers, contemplated by the moon, illuminated by the stars, in love with life and loved by its inhabitants. Puerto Vallarta has everything to give to those who decide to step on its fertile land.

For more information on Puerto Vallarta, including exciting adventure tours and gourmet dining, visit Banderas News, Puerto Vallarta's leading English-language online news, tourism and dining website.


First-time travelers come for the sun and sea, but it's PV's wonderful restaurants that create legions of long-term fans. Enjoy a romantic dinner from a clif-side restaurant or bury your toes in the sand at one of the many beach bars. Dress up or go completely's up to you! Puerto Vallarta restaurants offer a wide variety of the world's most sensational cuisines, and each November, award winning chefs from around the world come to share their culinary secrets with local chefs at the Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival.


Vallarta offers championship golf, tennis tournaments, mountain biking, snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, hot air ballooning and more for the active traveler! Day trips range from a flight to a silver mining village located high in the mountains to an island cruise with an endangered species preserve to the ever-popular dolphin and whale watching excursions.




Puerto Vallarta is a shoppers' paradise with traditional market stalls as well as designer boutiques, fine art galleries, equisite jewlery and handicrafts from every corner of Mexico. Get lost in one of the many large, open-air traditional markets or shop as you relax in your beach chair from the friendly strolling beach merchants. 


PV is an art lover's paradise. Filled with art galleries and exhibits, there is something for all of the art aficiandos in each of us. Watch local artists create beautiful works right on the shores of the beach or stand in awe as master artisans create glassworks, pottery and other nativ artworks right before your eyes.



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